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Visiting the historical sites of Mostar and the old town (UNESCO zone)

Duration: 1h : 30min.
Departure location: From any location you request

Additional information:
– The tour is a walking tour

Our tour programme includes 7 destinations one of wich is a surprise destination-bonus tour.Besides sight seeing and learning local history you might be interested in wine degustation and tasting of traditional finger-food meals that is also included in the tour.

- Abandoned airbase and hangar that was ultra-secret during the years when Bosnia was part of Yugoslavia

- Source of the Buna River flows from a cave in the base of the limestone cliffs near Blagaj, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Impressed by the beauty of the site, in the 16th century an Ottoman mufti ordered a Tekke – a Dervish prayer house – built at the foot of the cliffs

-The UNESCO World Heritage village of Pocitelj, with its historic mosque and hilltop fortress

-Mogorjelo is a unique archaeological monument from Roman times, well-preserved ancient Roman villa rustica, located near Capljina, in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This monument is one of the most beautiful examples of late classical architecture in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

-Kravice Waterfall, often called the Niagara of Bosnia

-Medjugorje is one of the most famous Roman Catholic pilgrimage destination in the world. It became famous for the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, which first started in 1981, after which he began to develop religious tourism.

-Hum hill and panoramic view of Mostar

Nice people and friendly atmosphere guarranteed!


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